Terms and Conditions

All sales are final.

If you receive a damaged product, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving it so that we can help resolve the issue.
Please use the contact information below to email us a picture of the item number sticker (found on box or product) and a picture of the damage to the product. Once we receive that information, we will order you a replacement or start the repair process.

Royal Star Furniture grants or implies no warranties of performance on any products. All warranties provided, if any, are Manufacturing Warranties. Warranty paperwork is typically included in the packaging of the product. Many manufacturers who provide a warranty prefer to handle warranty claims directly. 
Some manufacturers prefer Royal Star Furniture to assist in warranty service. Should assistance be necessary, please contact Royal Star Furniture Warranty Department 651-450-2222 or [email protected].  For quality control purposes and verification, we reserve the right to request photographs of the damaged item(s) prior to processing a warranty claim. Most manufacturers’ warranties include repair or replacement of defective parts.

They do not include the following: 

  • Loss of use or time, inconvenience, money, or travel while parts are in the process of replacement or repair is in progress. 
  • Coverage of leather and fabric against fading or discoloration from exposure to elements, oils, spills, fluids, or chemicals. 
  • Buckling or splitting of veneers resulting from exposure to moisture and heat.
​In no event shall Royal Star Furniture’s responsibility exceed the value of the originally purchased item.

Royal Star Furniture does not make nor is it responsible for any warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Royal Star Furniture shall not be liable for any economic or monetary loss whatsoever, nor for any incidental or consequential costs, nor for any expenses and damages incurred by the purchaser as a result of any claim made against Royal Star Furniture in connection with this sale. In the event that any of the warranty disclaimers made above are held to be invalid, the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be repair or replacement, at Royal Star Furniture’s option, of defective products.